The Vertical Geopolitics Lab is an un-disciplined non-profit think-tank and speculative design practice dedicated to the interrogation of cross-scalar agency to expose hidden systems and intangible agenda within the built environment.

From the perspective of the architectural thinker as proactive problem-identifier rather than reactive problem-solver, the lab associates seemingly antagonist yet mutually enlightening matter by carrying out a diverse scope of work in a threefold understanding of projects as input, output, and outlet.

Fig. Biased views formed before obtaining adequate evidence

Input is understood as a collaboratory publicity vehicle via which voluntary or sponsored opportunities in form of calls for applications (advisory board members, jury members, correspondents, internships, fellowships, residencies, etc.), calls for submissions (conferences, periodicals, books, etc.), or requests for qualifications and proposals (case study competitions, etc.) are being announced. Output is understood as a professional portfolio of activities such as designing (architectural competitions, commissions, etc.), writing (articles, op-eds, doctoral dissertations, etc.), talking (lectures, panel discussions, etc.), teaching academic courses (studios, seminars, etc.), or curating public programs (events, exhibitions, etc.). Outlet is understood as a non-profit shop via which the lab’s products in print or apparel are being distributed.

The content of this website is un-disciplined and un-specialized. Professionals and scholars sharing affiliations with the discipline of design in industry and academia may find the cross-scalar materials on this website and the ideas incorporated herein as contradictory, confusing, or even offensive. Stressing cross-fertilization as a key asset in the design process, the website is focused on the association of mutually enlightening, yet seemingly antagonist content as potential source for yet unimagined ways of seeing. As sources and facts are being intentionally set up to serve a reducing purpose, full responsibility is taken here for potential holes and omissions to be found in the work in progress outlined. Every reasonable attempt has been made to identify the authors and owners of any proprietary material that does not belong to the Vertical Geopolitics Lab. The author apologizes for any errors or omissions that may have occurred and will endeavor to correct them in subsequent uses.